Primary Objectives of a Green Roof

Long-Term Performance

  • Protect the waterproof roof membrane from solar radiation, harsh weather, wear and tear, etc. - extending the life of the membrane by 40+ years

  • Hold the soil substrate in place - no erosion.

  • Properly retain and detain stormwater during a rain event.

  • Designed to minimize plant heat stress - thus minimizing the need for supplementary irrigation

Long-Term Aesthetics

  • Sufficient biodiversity to promote sustainability.

  • Blossoming healthy plants - supporting bee colonies and other animal life.

  • 100% desired coverage - zero to minimal dead zones or bare areas

  • Enhance psychological well-being by connecting humans with nature through biophilic design - breathe in the clean air and good vibes!

Characteristics of a Successful Green Roof

  1. Healthy soil biology and carbon levels.

  2. Minimal pest and disease issues.

  3. Larger and deeper plant reserves.

  4. Higher storm water retention capacity (up to 30% more than industry average)

  5. Cooler surface temperature. Healthy, full coverage green roofs build up less heat than green roofs with large bare areas which causes less stress for the plants.

  6. Fewer weeds. Full coverage roofs have fewer problems with weeds because they canopy prevents weed seeds from gaining contact with the soil or accessing light.

  7. Stimulated micro-organisms to help roots gain better access to nutrients and water.

  8. Happy green roof owners, managers, and viewers!