Living Walls


Installation and Maintenance


Living Walls Overview

A living wall is a smart solution to face climate change in urban areas. Greenery is one of the most important ways to regulate extreme temperatures and cope with heavy rainfalls. Another advantage is that a living wall has a positive impact on people's health and happiness. As a living wall provides considerable benefits on environment and humans, it is a great solution to work towards a sustainable, viable and climate-resilient city. MGRM performs living wall installations for indoor and outdoor applications. Our maintenance programs are available to keep the plants looking their best year-round.


Indoor Living Walls

An indoor living wall creates a green oasis in an office, hospital, or school building. This facade system ensures constant healthy air quality, increases job satisfaction, productivity, and reduces ambient noise.


Outdoor Living Walls

An outdoor green wall enables you to create greenery in the urban area, where there is otherwise little space for plants. Thanks to the flexible system and wide variety of plants in the Sempergreen wall, almost every wall is suitable to become a living wall.

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